History and Current Officers

Villa Frumentaria was officially recognized by the Society for Creative Anachronism in May of 2023 as an Incipient Shire. Prior to that, we started as a Contact Group in September of 2021 with an idea, a lot of heart and drive, but no name or device as a group.

Currently, we have the following officers serving with pride and at the privilege of the Monarchy of the Kingdom of Calontir. Contact information is given for each position with spaces used to throw off the bots and address miners.

Seneschal: Lord Torquil MacGruder (Modernly Known As Todd Good).
seneschal @ villafrumentaria . calontir . org

Minister of Arts and Science: Lady Mabilia Pals (Modernly Known as Sarah Pearce). asminister @ villafrumentaria . calontir . org

Deputy Minister of Arts and Science: Lady Simone de Mares (Modernly Known as Sarah Johnson)

Minister of Youth: Lady Kasiniia Bjornardottir (Modernly Known as “Casi” Phillips).
moy @ villafrumentaria . calontir . org

Herald: Lord Gurtormr Ragnvaldsson (Modernly Known as William Phillips).herald @ villafrumentaria . calontir . org

Webminister: Lord Rónán le Sauvage (Modernly Known as Kevin Rohan). webminister @ villafrumentaria. calontir. org

Exchecker: Lady Lena Sontag (Modernly Known as Charla Pearce)

Chronicler: Lady Elizabeth Daundelyon (Modernly Known as Katherine Pearce)