The Shire of Villa Frumentaria

We are the Shire of Villa Frumentaria of the Kingdom of Calontir within the Society for Creative Anachronism! Villa Frumentaria translates most directly to “grain farm,” and since we are located in the northwestern-most corner of the Kingdom of Calontir, well…we are surrounded by farms. Our defined area is contained in Iowa, extending from the West in Sheldon to the east in Algona and from the Minnesota border to Cherokee and Storm Lake in the south, forming a rough oval with Spencer in the middle, centered on Game State in downtown Spencer.

If you’re a first-time visitor of the SCA, we invite you to check out our New to the SCA page so you can learn what the SCA is, what we do, and how the international organization works!

If you’re a member of the SCA, we invite you to check out the rest of our page, maybe starting with our Welcome to Villa Frumentaria section if you need to contact our officers.

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